Kori Morgan, RN

Professional Makeup Artist

Kori Morgan, RN is the key makeup artist for Enhanced Beauty by Kori.  For the past 20 years, Kori has marveled at how makeup intensifies the natural allure of women.  The artistic freedom that makeup artistry offers is one of the many reasons she fell in love with it.  She believes that makeup is art and beauty is spirit.

Based in Frisco Texas, Enhanced Beauty by Kori is a top choice in beauty enhancement services. Brides-to-be, entrepreneurs, business women, stay-at-home mothers, students, retirees, and celebrities have all had the pleasure of having their beauty enhanced by Kori.

Since May 2013, Kori has serviced well over 100  weddings, and bridal makeup has become her specialization.  As a published makeup artist, her work has been featured on an album cover, book cover photos, and in several issues of Sophisticate's Black Hair Styles & Care Guide, the #1 top-selling Black hair magazine which is the handbook for today’s trend-smart African-American women of style. With these accomplishments and more, in a short span of time she has become one of the most sought after makeup artists in both Indiana and Texas.

As a self-taught makeup artist, Kori has truly perfected her craft. Her work compliments each client’s skin tone and facial structure while accentuating and enhancing their most beautiful features. As a beauty educator, Kori hosts high demand virtual Masterclasses, one-on-one beauty lessons, and makeup classes for aspiring makeup artists and the everyday woman.

Her goal with every client is to have them look and feel their absolute best. As a registered nurse with a BSN degree and an esthetics license, Kori offers skin care knowledge from a medical perspective, allowing her to offer in-depth consultations with her clients. She offers luxury makeup services for occasions such as weddings, special events, date nights, proms and photo shoots.  

Kori is available for travel, speaking engagements, demonstrations, tours and conferences.